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Single holidays, 13 things you can do to make your trip the most beautiful adventure of your life

1. You can flirt, of course. Paying attention to those in front of you when you have to go further: remember for your safety that you are on holiday alone .

2. You can freely decide when, where and how to go : you do not have to be accountable to anyone, compromise with anyone, or choose things that maybe do not just go to make someone happy. What a beautiful freedom!

3. You can organize the details as you like : do you want to stop more in one place? Do you want to eat lunch at 5 instead of at noon? Do you want to sleep under the stars instead of in your room? You can do it and nobody will tell you anything.

4. You can learn more about yourself : there are things on holiday that can push you beyond your limits. And then there are the moments in which you can dialogue so much with your inner self, in perfect solitude. Or you can free your mind from any thought and let yourself be invaded by all the wonderful sensations of a journey. Mindfulness is very useful in these cases.

5. You can take long crossings (on foot, by train, by bus, by plane) looking at unique places with the music you like best in your ears. You alone before the beauty of the universe. At the pace that you choose. It will be an unforgettable experience, of those that will mark your way of being forever.

6. You can make many new friends : not that in pairs or with friends you can not do, but when you are alone it is naturally easier. And surely you will find interesting people to exchange life experiences with.

7. You can take pictures that you like, when and how you want. Or do not do them for nothing , if you do not want to. Taste the moment and remember the places only inside you.

8. Pampered: indulge in some extra luxury during your holiday ( a spa , a luxury hotel, a massage, a haircut, a manicure); in the end you have to think only of yourself and you can therefore calibrate the economic resources accordingly. And the time available.

9. Do something you’ve never done before. So where you are you do not know anyone.

10. Make at least one excursion in total solitude. Even if you left with a group of the same tour operator.

11. Hang on social networks with your pretenders left at home . It’s always nice.

12. Keep a “logbook”. Help yourself with a travel app or take a notebook with you to write down thoughts and reflections, as well as visited places and known people.

13. Make all the experiences you have set yourself and even more : bite your life, do not waste even a moment. A single holiday might not get you back anymore 😉

7 ways to travel (almost) free in 2018

If among your New Year’s intentions is to “travel more”, but your budget has not increased (or rather decreased) after the holidays, do not despair. Because even though Instagram often makes us believe that millions are needed to make dream trips, there are so many ways to book flights and find accommodations for free or almost. Here are seven tips approved by travel insiders!

Request a credit card with which to accumulate points for travel

If you’re not accumulating points with a credit card that offers premium travel, you’re practically throwing away free flights. Even if you prefer to earn miles with your favorite airline, premium travel offers some credit cards give you more freedom, especially if you do not take the plane often enough to earn miles.

Ask for gift cards to travel

At your next birthday, graduation, name day (in short, every next good opportunity), ask friends and relatives gift card to travel instead of the usual gifts. most airlines and travel sites offer this possibility. In this way you will have less things to rearrange and more money to invest in the next holidays.

Drive someone else’s car

The road trip in the United States has always been your dream? Instead of renting a car and spending a fortune you can drive someone else’s car almost for free. In the US there are many sites to do it, but the main one is Auto Driveaway, which requires a valid driving license and 23 years of age. After paying $ 350 bail (which will be returned to you when you deliver the car), you will need to pay a negotiable amount with the owner.

From Italian repetitions

If you were thinking of moving abroad for a few months, you can consider the idea of ​​repaying your trip and stay by offering basic Italian lessons. Of course if you’re not a qualified teacher, you’ll have to lower your hourly rate a little, but it’s still a very simple way to scrape together a small nest egg to pay for your expenses.

Rediscover your roots

Young adult Jews can go to Israel through the association Birthright Israel since 1999. Today there are other organizations that offer opportunities similar to young people who have Greek, Macedonian, Hungarian, Armenian and Cuban roots and want to visit their country of origin for reconnect with their cultural heritage.

Volunteer with WWOOF

In exchange for your work on an organic farm, WWOOF (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) offers you free accommodation and food and the opportunity to learn new skills and learn about the culture of the country you have chosen as your destination. However, even if the accommodation is free, please note that the costs of the trip are at your expense and that you also have to pay a small fee to join the association. If agricultural work is not for you, you can discover many other ways to travel by volunteering on sites like Workaway,