6 Apps To Keep Travelers Safe

It’s always a risk to venture away from home, whether you’re in a group, with a friend, or by yourself. Something could always go wrong. If you find yourself stranded, injured, or in serious trouble, you might have a hard time getting in touch with locals, or, if your luck is even worse, there might not be a city nearby at all! What do you do? Utilize these 6 life-saving apps that have been designed with traveler safety in mind.


This app is great if you find yourself with medical questions or in need of a doctor’s immediate input while on the road or away the doctor’s office. Designed by Dr. Jay Parkinson, this app allows one-on-one communication with professional MD’s. Through the app, they can prescribe medication, order test, refill prescriptions, and get you in touch with specialists in your current area. To reap the benefits of this app, individuals pay $40 a month- a small price to pay for an extra line of safety.


Ideal for solo travelers or travelers who are going out into the wilderness or to conquer a large mountain, Companion is an app that uses GPS tracking to keep you safe and accounted for. The app has a feature called  “follow me”, which allows your family and friends to track your location in real-time, even if you’re out of the range of cellphones.


Geared towards cyber safety and the prevention of credit card fraud and identity theft, Cloak is an app that can be installed on Mac computers. Essentially, Cloak uses a sophisticated VPN service to mask your true location and protect your device from unsecured connections and dodgy internet spies who mean to do you harm.

TravelSafe Pro

The quickest and easiest way to get in contact with emergency services, TravelSafe Pro is a hub for safety knowledge. This app allows you to receive critical information about the location in which you’re traveling including the local emergency service numbers, and the numbers of your family and friends. What’s unique about this app is that it has the option of texting or calling emergency services.

Safety Map Worldwide

Some countries are safer destinations than others, however, it can be hard to decipher the good from the bad- this is where Safety Map Worldwide comes in. The app gives you insight to the public safety ratings of every country in the world. If you end up in a dangerous location, the app will send you notifications to help you out. This app is ideal for travelers going to places suffering from civil war or unrest such as countries in the Middle East.

Mammut Safety

For travelers who enjoy snowy adventures on the slopes, Mammut Safety is the perfect hazard preventing app. The app allows travelers to stay up to date with local avalanche risks by using built-in  altimeter and inclinometer, as well as a simple, one-touch SOS signal that beacons local emergency services when the button is pushed.

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