7 Great Places to Experience Canada’s Wildlife

Covering an area of 9, 984,670 kilometers -much of which is uninhabited by humans-, Canada has plenty of room to host a wide array of wildlife. This is what makes the country so enticing to animal-loving travelers! Even if you’re in a large Canadian city, there is a chance to see a fox, wild rabbit, or coyote. However, if you’re looking to see larger, more rare animals, you’re still in luck- Canada offers those, as well!

Polar Bears in Manitoba

If you find yourself in Churchill, Manitoba between July and November, you may find yourself up close and personal with a polar bear. During this time the bears are friendlier and can be seen lazing around on the tundra. Between October and November, however, is the best time to catch a glimpse, as the bears will be making the trek back to the Hudson Bay. There are walking tours that ring travelers close to the bears and allow them to take great photographs.

Caribou in Newfoundland and Labrador

Have you ever seen a mass migration of caribou? If you go to Newfoundland and Labrador during migration season (autumn and late winter), you just might. Relatives of reindeer, large herds of caribou can be caught passing through the province.

Spirit Bears in British Columbia

An amazing sight to behold, spirit bears can be seen within the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia. These black bears are called spirit bears due to their white appearance, which is caused by a double-recessive gene.

Puffins in Nova Scotia

For bird lovers, a trip to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia is a dream come true. Dozens of puffins make their home in Cape Breton. Cute as can be, these odd-looking birds are fun to take photos and video of, as they must beat their wings up to 400 times a minute to stay in the air.

Salmon in British Columbia

Although salmon aren’t incredibly unique or interesting, witnessing a salmon run can be quite the experience. On Vancouver Island in British Columbia, 1000’s of bright pink salmon gather each year between July and October. Travelers can get in on the action by gearing up in a mask, neoprene suit, and flippers and joining these lively fish for a swim.

Belugas in Manitoba

If you’ve ever wanted to see a beluga whale, go no further than Churchill, Manitoba. Hudson Bay, Churchill is subject to thousands of ghost-white whales that have a passion for singing and a lively attitude when they travel through the area during the summer. They can be seen hovering around the side of boats and jumping merely.

Wood Bison on the Alberta-Northwest Territories Border

Joining the provinces of Alberta and the Northwest Territories is a border rich with wood bison. Wood Buffalo National Park sits on this border and provides travelers with a great spot to witness wood bison in their natural habitat. Thousands of the animals live within the park and can be seen grazing, interacting, and resting peacefully.

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