7 Volunteer Travel Experiences to Try in 2019

Let’s face it- traveling can be pricey. Often times, price point is the driving force behind a vacation- that is, how long the vacation is, where it is, and what activities are done during it. All travelers dream of a trip free of costly expenses and financial stress. Luckily, there are volunteer experiences that allow for travel. Here are 8 that you should consider in 2019 if you’re looking to go on a cheap trip.

Wildlife Research in South Africa

Volunteering in South Africa with the Wildlife Research in South Africa expedition volunteer program allows travelers to be hands on with an array of mammals such as lions, elephants, rhinos, and leopards. Travelers are housed at the Big Five game reserve and will learn to study animal behaviour, track them, and take care of them. The program duration can be up to 24 weeks long.

Heroes on Horseback in India

Offered by Relief Riders International, the Heroes on Horseback program provides relief to poverty stricken villages around Rajasthan, India. Volunteers travel on horseback into the villages where they help provide free eye surgery, free dentistry, pediatric care, HIV/AIDS awareness, donations and a plethora of other humanitarian resources.

English Lessons in Haiti

The non-profit organization, English in Mind Institute, offers this program to help Haitian adults learn to speak English. Volunteers spend their mornings at orphanages and their afternoons giving the adults of the Haitian community English lessons. The goal of the program is to better the adults and provide them with the English skills to secure a long-term job.

Sea Turtle Protection in Costa Rica

Be a marine conservation volunteer in Costa Rica next summer. Volunteers find themselves participating in night surveys, monitoring sea turtle nesting, relocating eggs to safe hatcheries, releasing baby turtles into the water, and assisting with local environmental education projects. Every year from July to January, volunteers can volunteer their time for 1-12 weeks.

Archaeology Volunteering in Romania

Any traveler with alove for old things will find great joy in the Archaeology in Romania opportunity offered by the Project Abroad Program. Volunteers registered in this program will work with archaeological groups to unearth and analyze new finds throughout different regions of the country.

Fitness Instructor Volunteering in Maldives

The Maldives is on many bucket lists. Little do most people know, however, is that travelers can volunteer in the tropical paradise. Volunteers can sign up as a fitness instructor or children’s soccer coach and spend their summer soaking in the sun, sand, and ocean air.

Husky Ranch in Canada

Volunteers who love dogs will find themselves at home with this volunteer experience at Canada’s national husky ranch. Participants are tasked with caring for, spending time with, and learning about the huskies that are housed at the ranch. They are also allowed to go on sledding trips with the huskies and train them for upcoming sledding expeditions. The program is offered year around and participants can stay for 4-12 weeks.

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